UFO Helicopter

UFO Indoor Flying Toy Hand-Controlled

Super fun & entertaining. No more remote, You use hand to control it. Very safe. Unlike the helicopter. No more blade hit your furniture or TV. A must-have toy.

Apple Peeler Slicer

Manual Apple Peeler Slicer

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. You will love it if you like apples. It only takes a few seconds to peel one.

useless box

Useless Box Turns Itself Off In Box Alone Machine

The box you will never open, Stress reliever toy.features a sleek black frame and switch that when flicked prompts a small metallic finger to come out and switch it back off

Book Safe

Book Safe

Digit combination lock. Hide something small valuables on a bookshelf.

Amazon Prime Members/Twitch Prime Members: 12-Months Nintendo Switch Online(Free)

Twitch Prime include in Amazon Prime. Need a credit card or Paypal account on the Nintendo website. You will redeem your 3-months. After 60-days return and redeem another 9-Months. Total 12-Months for Free

Plastic bag sealer

Mini Portable Plastic Bags Sealer

Very useful tools. Refrigerator Magnets, Cell phone holder, Seal & cutter Also very safe.

eyeglass staw

Fun Party Eye Glasses Drinking Straw

A lot of fun for every age. have some challenges in the parties

AA/AAA USB Rechargeable Batteries

Only One-hour Charging time. And you don’t need a charger anymore. You just need a USB port.

Wine Opener

Air Pressure Wine Opener

Find a simple, easy and fast way to open a bottle of wine. Very safe.Great For Wine Lovers

Magnetic phone charger

Magnetic Charging Cable Adapter For Both Android/iPhone Device

Super strong magnet, fast charging, perfect solution to prevent frayed charging cables, the magnetic connector can be used as Anti-dust plug.

Toothpick Dispenser

Coca-Cola Vending Machine Toothpick Dispenser

Classic coca-cola design, Holds toothpicks. It’s very cool stylish your dining table.

Office supply kit

Mini Office Supply Kit

Mini size desk accessories. easy to carry.

Toilet paper

Sudoku Puzzle Game Roll Novelty Toilet Paper

I don’t understand who’s gonna play Sudoku when they…… Maybe you wanna try

USB LED RGB Programmable Fan for PC

Keep cool and display cool messages to your care family or friend.

Clock usb fan

Time Clock and Temperature Display fan

Time is important. Add a little fun and decor when you are working with a computer in the hot summer. Especially if you like the use your device outdoor.