LED Teeth Whitening Kit

Easy and Affordable teeth whitening kit. Cant miss it.

Bottle opener

Cap Gun Plastc Beer Bottle Opener(2-Pack)

Open the beer than shoot the cap. Add a little fun game for your party. A fun git to give.

Body heat smartwatch

Matrix Body Heat Powered Smart Watch

This is not an apple watch. This is a Fitness built-in Smartwatch. Water resistant 50M. Wear it then never power off.

Tesla Diecast

Official 1:18 Tesla Diecast

1:18 Scale Model, Official product. High detailed. All doors, trunk, and hood open. Who doesn’t like Tesla? The best collectible gift for the people who like Tesla.

Hermes fragrance

Hermès Men’s Terre d’Hermès Eau de Toilette Spray

A great gift idea for a man. made of high-quality material,

Winter is Coming T-Shirt

HBO’S Game of Thrones Men’s “Winter Is Coming” Circle T-Shirt

4/14 Winter is coming. I am ready.

Reverse Umbrella

Reverse Inverted Inside Out Umbrella

Unique Auto-Open frame, The most important is no more wet clothes and floors. Also wind resistant.

Mist water bottle

Squeeze Sports Water Bottle 20 oz.

2-in-1 function. If u like sports activity. You will like the mist feature

Beer Foam Maker

Beer Aerator – Sound Waves To Create The Perfect Beer Head

Foamer makes beer taste better, Only for Beer lovers. It’s useless if you don’t like the foam. But still a fun staff.

DNA Test

23andMe DNA Test

If you wanna know yourself. You can’t miss this one. Includes Reports on Health, Wellness, Ancestry

Laser Keyboard

Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

Laser projection keyboard for your iPhone, Ipad, Smartphone, laptop or tablets. Just for fun.

Amazon Live Deals

Amazon Live Deals

Now Live TV shopping moving to the internet.