UFO Helicopter

UFO Indoor Flying Toy Hand-Controlled

Super fun & entertaining. No more remote, You use hand to control it. Very safe. Unlike the helicopter. No more blade hit your furniture or TV. A must-have toy.

Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet

Plastic made. 19.5-inch Movie sound, articulated fingers. But be careful. You may face the Avengers if you wear it.

Bone Cracker Sound

Bone Cracker Sound

Prank people believe u had a bone cracked or they had a bone cracked. Just for fun.

Skoolzy Board Toy Set

Skoolzy Peg Board Set – Montessori Toys Pre-School kids

Fun Toddler Toy & Baby Color Recognition boys and girls toys can be used to teach as learning resources Montessori materials, preschool toys or learning toys for early childhood development.

Metal Puzzle

Metal Puzzles Set($67.99)

A set of 5 Puzzle Master Metal Puzzles. Very good Challenging toy for kids and adult. Made with Metal. Start easy to Hard. You also can purchase individual. Great gift for those who like puzzle game kids or friends.

Lego Steamboat Willie($89.99)

Collectible Lego Idea 21317 Set. Celebrate the 90th anniversary of Mickey and Minnie’s first time born in 1928. For the Lego fans or Disney fans, This is a must-have set. Don’t miss it.

Amazon Prime Members/Twitch Prime Members: 12-Months Nintendo Switch Online(Free)

Twitch Prime include in Amazon Prime. Need a credit card or Paypal account on the Nintendo website. You will redeem your 3-months. After 60-days return and redeem another 9-Months. Total 12-Months for Free

eyeglass staw

Fun Party Eye Glasses Drinking Straw

A lot of fun for every age. have some challenges in the parties

Mist water bottle

Squeeze Sports Water Bottle 20 oz.

2-in-1 function. If u like sports activity. You will like the mist feature

Banana Phone

Banana Wireless Bluetooth Mobile handset Phone

Connect to iPhone and Android Devices. The coolest design, banana… Sorry, I can’t make up anymore. Probably a prank toy.

DNA Test

23andMe DNA Test

If you wanna know yourself. You can’t miss this one. Includes Reports on Health, Wellness, Ancestry

Amazon Live Deals

Amazon Live Deals

Now Live TV shopping moving to the internet.