Tablet & Phone Holder

Magnetic Tablet & Cell phone Holder

Make your hands free if you like to watch or record videos with your phone or tablet.

Bottle opener

Cap Gun Plastc Beer Bottle Opener(2-Pack)

Open the beer than shoot the cap. Add a little fun game for your party. A fun git to give.

Beach Towel

100 Dollar Bill Beach Towel

Think about using a 100 dollar bill to dry your body. Really nice for the beach.

Mushroom charging station Lamp

Led Mushroom Lamp With USB Charging Station

Adorable lamp with 5 port quick charger compatible with all kind cellphone or tablet. A great daily gift idea for everyone.

Toothbrush Holder

UV Toothbrush Holder with Sterilization Function

Keep your toothbrush Clean This UV light killing aggressive germs and bacteria and avoiding bacteria multiplication after sterilization.

Apple Peeler Slicer

Manual Apple Peeler Slicer

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. You will love it if you like apples. It only takes a few seconds to peel one.

Plastic bag sealer

Mini Portable Plastic Bags Sealer

Very useful tools. Refrigerator Magnets, Cell phone holder, Seal & cutter Also very safe.

Alarm clock

Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels

If you have a kid at home never wake up on time. Try this one.

Wine Opener

Air Pressure Wine Opener

Find a simple, easy and fast way to open a bottle of wine. Very safe.Great For Wine Lovers

Magnetic phone charger

Magnetic Charging Cable Adapter For Both Android/iPhone Device

Super strong magnet, fast charging, perfect solution to prevent frayed charging cables, the magnetic connector can be used as Anti-dust plug.

Amazon Live Deals

Amazon Live Deals

Now Live TV shopping moving to the internet.